About Us

A green technology entrepreneur with global experiences and innovation as its guiding principle. Since 1998, WET has innovated new technologies in the field of Low Impact Construction and sustainable development. Our expertise in Low Impact Construction technologies has been adopted by the construction industry worldwide and the patented WetSep technology has been delivered to over twenty (20) countries, including USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to explore, pioneer and innovate in environmental technologies that people can benefit for a better quality of life and a sustainable future.

Our Mission

To achieve our goal, we focus on the Appropriate Technologies Principles which state that technologies should be
  • Simple to Apply/Use
  • Minimize Capital Expenditure
  • Not Energy Intensive (requiring little non-renewable energy to do, build, or maintain)
  • Use Local Resources and Labour
  • Nurture the Environment and Human Health.
  • 2018

    ISO9001:2015 Upgraded Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenacne of Water & Wastewater Treatment Equipement & Green Roof System

  • 2017

    The 4th HK SME Business Sustainability Index

  • 2012

    Partner Employee Award
  • 2010

    Carbon Reduction Campaign
  • 2009

    Certificate of Merit of HSBC Living Business

  • 2006

    Winner of Hong Kong Eco-Product Award

  • 2005

    Winner of the NOVA Awards 2005